Who We Are

To put the right man on the right job at the right time is a challenging task. With the changing job scenario, it is a real challenge these days for corporates to hire the best talent in the market at the best price. The leading job portals have millions of resumes to offer but to find the perfect match for a vacant job position is like finding a needle in the haystack.
This is where we step in as hiring champions, Radics CS offer hassle-free recruitment services to its clients. We provide personalized assistance at every step of recruitment so the entire recruitment cycle functions smoothly. We are here to prove ourselves as one of the most renowned recruitment firms in Pune. To materialize our dreams we have a team of experienced recruiters to support us.
Our objective is to cater to the recruitment needs of the corporate world , so as to serve the two fold purpose of ..
Lower down the operational cost of corporates by providing them ready manpower
To create our presence as a recruitment firm in Pune.
By outsourcing your vacant job positions to us, you can be rest assured that these positions will be filled by us within the stipulated time at a very nominal cost
So what are you waiting for we are just a click away outsource all your vacant job positions to us, along with the worry and hassle of calling up candidates , scheduling interviews, negotiating salaries .