Recruitment Process Outsourcing

In an up surging business scenario, the demand for hiring can increase multifold. Due to lack of internal bandwidth to cater to various hiring needs can tax and work up the HR department. Radics comes handy in such situations as panacea for all recruitment ills by bolstering your recruitment process, be it on an enterprise level or need based.
Implementing RPO for a department or function where the need is the highest can ease your pain area by reducing your costs, lowering time to fill positions in addition to consistency and uniformity in the process. We can manage your end to end sourcing, screening so that your HR manages more crucial functions like handling interviews, hiring and onboarding.

Our RPO Models

A. Enterprise RPO

For certain business units or functions or positions where is HR is not the core competency & recruitment as a function must be outsourced to keep a handle on soaring costs & radical improvement in talent on boarding, Radics provides a quick and reliable solution.
We provide an exhaustive RPO approach in which Radics manages end to end functions and processes. The purview of this engagement encompasses functional disciplines, expansion and ramp-up projects etc. We endeavor to become an extension of your business by undertaking end to end responsibility of processes an compliances.
This engagement is SLA driven aimed at measurable results and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Many organizations find it attractive to selectively outsource some portions of the recruiting process that are highly transactional and require a high degree of scalability. Selective RPO is a service in which the front-­end processes such as candidate research, direct sourcing, internet sourcing, candidate screening and/or testing are outsourced to TalentFusion. These processes tend to rapidly scale in line with hiring demand and lend themselves to outsourcing vs. the creation of a fixed overhead internal function or utilizing expensive agencies.

B. Selective RPO

Some organizations prefer outsourcing some parts of the process which require scalability.
In this process we manage candidate sourcing, preliminary screening, deep qualifications, perception studies, fitment to the mandate, testing etc.
We provide
  1. Qualitative and Quantitative market intelligence.
  2. Sourcing passive candidates, social recruiting, mining etc.
  3. Profile review, detailed interview.
  4. Scheduling interview with client hiring managers, travel planning and other logistics support.

C. On Demand RPO

SAVISH’s On-Demand RPO solution helps organizations manage sudden spikes in hiring volume due to a variety of circumstances or hiring trends.
We deploy our recruitment specialists to address clients’ pain areas in a time bound manner. Once the client accomplishes the hiring goals and reaches a culmination level, Radics goes on a waitlist mode & awaits a new hiring project.
Clients save anywhere between 45% to 60% vis-à-vis other hiring methods. Additionally, a funnel of prospects and candidates is handed over to clients at no extra cost, keeping in line with the SLAs.

Benefits of RPO solutions

Organizations can vastly benefit by using RPO solutions as
  1. Costs are lowered and risks are mitigated.
  2. Reduction in the cost of hire.
  3. Quick TAT speeds up delivery.
  4. Creation of larger talent resource pool.
  5. Provides scalable recruitment process.
  6. Stakeholder management is enhanced.
  7. Results can be measured.
For more information reach our RPO specialist team on +91 726 4872 760