Executive Search

We access the best talent domestically and internationally, and have one of the highest completion rates in the business. We use in-depth research to build a total picture of possibilities, based on well-formulated search strategies. Our end goal is a quality short-list and an appointment that drives long-term value for our clients.
Working in partnership with our clients, we track down and attract the leaders in the corporate and professional worlds. We seek only those who are effective in what they do and are marked out as achievers in their field. It is our job to encourage those people to consider new challenges and talk with our clients about the briefs we hold. It is a role in which we excel.
Our recruitment team brings an in-depth understanding of the market conditions, hiring trends and strategic talent issues faced by clients within their specific industry, functional area, and geography. Our interaction with the candidates is extremely tactical which nurtures respect, transparency, trust and an enduring association.

Our Process

  • Define , understand and analyse the client mandate.
  • Understanding company culture & their leadership.
  • Build strong resource pool through internal data arsenals, social medium, and talent boards etc.
  • Screen resources based on the fitment to the job demand, achievements, career stability, functional experience and knowledge.
  • Shortlisting the most potent resource through our internal interviews, educational and professional verification.
  • Assess final shortlists on parameters such as robust experience, leadership traits, technical and functional competencies, behavourial interviews etc.
  • Present the candidate profile to the client for final interviews.
  • Offer & negotiation. creating a back-up.
  • Cessation of the search assignment.

Making Companies Amazing Through Exemplary People